lunedì 11 gennaio 2010

First 10 days of 2010

Not the start that I was looking for the new decade for sure!!

I had just 2 winning days and 8 losing days, at least the 2 winning days were huge ones and almost covered losses for the losing ones but it is pretty frustrating having to make a minus sign for 80% of the days.

An poor start for horses, very little action due to bad weather in UK..AW is in a downtrend since 2 weeks, PunterProfits just 1 bet (loser) and same for EWV system with just one bet today (loser)..

An average start for soccer too, very good picks from AH and FootballElite and poor start for Teddie..profit is pretty big but this is what average should be,nothing fantastic at all..

In US sports not good at all, they should bring a good amount of profit considering we are in the middle of NBA and NHL season but Satyr is in deep crisis and so far just 3 bets and 3 losers and that makes up for 1800 lost, NHLPP had some ups and downs and Erni is pretty zero so far..

Tipsters Recap
AW -1590,89
PunterProfits -250
Total -1840,89

US Sports
Erni -30,42
NHLPP +882,1
Satyr -1800
Total -948,32

Teddie -855
AH 2525
Football Elite +791
Total +2461

Bleeding Clown -800
Total -800

This is it, losing 3 sports of 4 and this is what you get..let's see what next 10 days can bring me..



Back to losing days, I still can't get it running properly.

Short on time right now, I will just post recap of the day and tonight I will post comments about first 10 days and a capper by capper recap.

Recap 10/1
AW -750
Teddie -717
AH +385
Erni -10
NHLPP +105

Total for the day -987

Bankroll : 48871,69
Year Profit : -1129,11
Fees for services : 0

Net Profit : -1129,11

So far 2 winning days and 8 losing days :-|

domenica 10 gennaio 2010


FINALLY a good day, one of those great days that boost your overall record.
It started good with AH betting going 3-1 and teddie going 3-1 too..on the horses just AW winners that found a winner with Prince of Sorrento in Lingfield to make a small profit of 50,3 for the day (he had 2 losers too)...
The good day became great in the night with 4-0 by NHLPP that makes up for 2037€ won.

Overall I am still down but very small, one good day and I'm back on track. Today again pretty quiet day, weather is not good and a good amount of soccer matches has been postponed so it will be a small day overall.

Recap 9/1
AW +50,3
AH +850
Teddie +559,5
NHLPP +2037

Total for the day +3496,8

Bankroll : 49858,69
Year Profit : -142,11
Fees for services : 0

Net Profit : -142,11

Hope this is a good sign for things to turn around, it's pretty amazing the fact that I'm down just 140 EUR with just 2 winning days and 7 losing days in the year. According to my 103 ROI target I should be up 935,13 EUR so far with the amount I did bet so in my mind I am behind around 1k.


sabato 9 gennaio 2010


Well, the bleeding continues...I'll be brief this time, I don't have so much will to talk about this shit actually.
A losing day in all 3 sections, horses, soccer, US sports.

Recap 8/1
AW -250
Erni -500
NHLPP +280
Satyr -600
AH -500

Total for the day -1570

Bankroll : 46361,89
Year Profit : -3638,11
Fees for services : 0

Net Profit : -3638,11

I suck.

venerdì 8 gennaio 2010


Another awful day with US sports, this is getting bad. Another good day with soccer and horses has been ruined in the night with NHL. Terrible performance with 0-4 by NHLPP that costed me 1400 EUR, it's hard to recoup from this.

AH betting had another good bet, 4/4 so far with them, with over 2,25 in malaga match and AW had 1 winner with Cosimo De Medici at Southwell.

Still quiet days with bad weather in england for racing.

Recap 7/1
AW +108,81
AH +475
NHLPP -1400

Total for the day -816,19

Bankroll : 47931,89
Year Profit : -2068,11
Fees for services : 0

Net Profit : -2068,11

Nothing to be much worried about (in the past I had days with 4000+ profit) but it's frustrating to start in this way.

By the way so far, even with quiet days, I did manage to risk 21000 EUR, averaging 3k a day. With my target ROI I should be up around 600 EUR, so as of now I am behind 2600 EUR from the target. Let's hope to turn this around in the weekend!

giovedì 7 gennaio 2010


Lacking some time and looking at the results lacking some motivation, I added AH-Betting to my portfolio for 500 EUR/Play and they actually saved my ass on 6/1 going 3-0 but still a losing day with the awful run in US Sports.

Here is the recap for last 2 days

Bleeding Clown -500
Teddie +297
Erni +485
NHL -1050

Total for the day -768

Teddie -567
Bleeding Clown -300
AH +1315
FootballElite +399
NHLPP -514,5
Erni -440,42

Total for the day -107,92

Bankroll : 48748,08
Year Profit : -1251,92
Fees for services : 0

Net Profit : -1251,92

So far a positive thursday with soccer and horses but let's see what happens with US sports, let's hope for a winning day, if these bad days keep amassing the red will get pretty big.


martedì 5 gennaio 2010


Finally a winning day, nothing to be happy about but at least I break the losing streak.

It started bad with one losing bet on horse markets and I made it back plus some winnings on US sports. About this matter as of now I really don't know what to do with Satyr service, the guy has lost his last 4 months and january he started with 2 losing picks. It seems like he doesn't know what he is doing and has no idea how to turn things around.
This is a little problem for me, I really have no idea when leaving a tipster so now I don't know what to do, I have followed the guy for the last 2 years but his form right now is scary to say the least. By the way 2009 ended with a loss for him, around 100 units down with an average play of 5 units.

Good run for NHLPP with another dog winning (Los Angeles Kings) and for Erni in NBA with a 2-0 with under in chicago and clippers -4.

Recap 4/1
AW -250
Satyr -600
NHLPP +651
Erni +945

Total for the day +746

Bankroll : 49624
Year Profit : -376
Fees for services : 0

Net Profit : -376

Today looks like another quiet day, it has been a slow start for the year and honestly I feel good about it.

See you tomorrow!