lunedì 11 gennaio 2010

First 10 days of 2010

Not the start that I was looking for the new decade for sure!!

I had just 2 winning days and 8 losing days, at least the 2 winning days were huge ones and almost covered losses for the losing ones but it is pretty frustrating having to make a minus sign for 80% of the days.

An poor start for horses, very little action due to bad weather in UK..AW is in a downtrend since 2 weeks, PunterProfits just 1 bet (loser) and same for EWV system with just one bet today (loser)..

An average start for soccer too, very good picks from AH and FootballElite and poor start for Teddie..profit is pretty big but this is what average should be,nothing fantastic at all..

In US sports not good at all, they should bring a good amount of profit considering we are in the middle of NBA and NHL season but Satyr is in deep crisis and so far just 3 bets and 3 losers and that makes up for 1800 lost, NHLPP had some ups and downs and Erni is pretty zero so far..

Tipsters Recap
AW -1590,89
PunterProfits -250
Total -1840,89

US Sports
Erni -30,42
NHLPP +882,1
Satyr -1800
Total -948,32

Teddie -855
AH 2525
Football Elite +791
Total +2461

Bleeding Clown -800
Total -800

This is it, losing 3 sports of 4 and this is what you get..let's see what next 10 days can bring me..


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  1. I've found this blog by an accident and all I can say is keep your confidence up and follow the right guys and you'll be just fine. Forza. /Teddie

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